Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Woods, '05

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Lisa Cohen said...
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Lisa Cohen said...

Let's try that again!

"The Woodsman's Daughter Elopes"

Whether I close my eyes or open them,
the road pools at my feet--an act of faith.
A trickster wind shakes invisible rain
from obscure trees. I could stumble, drown

in shadow. Night bewitches itself, unknown,
a country on the edge of every map.
Memory counts the steps; I am always
trapped here and here and here again.

The forest follows me. I reach out, touch
nothing but the wet bark of wood
refusing to burn, black as charcoal already.
I might be a wraith, fraying into mist.

I hear my name on your lips, coalesce,
morning dew on sun dazzled grass.

ljcohen, 2006

(Blogger messes with my line breaks-it's meant to be a verse libre sonnet, thus 14 lines. Three verses of 4 lines, a closing couplet)